Tae Seok Moon

Tae Seok Moon
Assistant Professor
Senior Investigator
Washington University in St. Louis


Biological Engineering


Professor Moon’s research goals are directed toward creating programmable cells that process multiple input signals and produce desirable outputs for real-world applications. Specifically, he aims to build synthetic gene circuits in order to control and improve metabolic pathways for the production of biomass-based chemicals and drugs.

His postdoctoral research at MIT and University of California-San Francisco provided him with expertise in the design and construction of genetic circuits. As a graduate student at MIT, he learned how to construct and optimize novel metabolic pathways to produce biochemicals that can replace oil-based chemicals. Combining his research experiences with more than five years experience in the biotechnology industry, he envisions his career as transforming biology research from an “observation” approach to a “synthesis-based engineering” activity to address energy, environment and health issues.